Skype for Business or Teams?

Two Collaboration Tools to Consider

Here at Compuease we’re always looking out for new ways to help you improve collaboration and increase productivity. We’re very happy to offer training courses on two powerful collaboration and productivity tools, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Which course is the right one for you? Here are some points to help you make the correct decision.


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Exciting New Space and Updates!

We here at Compuease love training! With that in mind, we’ve made some changes that will help us do even more of it.

We’ve recently added two new training spaces to our home at 130 Albert Street. In addition to our training lab in suite 801, we now have a small training room to host small groups, one-on-one classes and online classes, and a large room to be used for Professional Skills training and large computer training classes. We're looking forward to seeing you in a class soon!

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What Type of Sharepoint User Are You?

What type of SharePoint user do you want to become?

Many people have heard of SharePoint – Microsoft’s flagship document management software - but wonder about what it really is and what it does. Perhaps you’ve asked this question yourself: When or why should I use SharePoint? How should I use it?

You need to use SharePoint if:

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Which version of Office Should I Learn?

There are many different versions of Microsoft Office, with another one on the way later this year. Which version are you using, and which version’s training do you need?

We occasionally get asked whether somebody should take Office 2010 training before they can take 2013 or 2016 training. The simple answer is, no.

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